don't care what people say. i'm dreaming louder everyday.
universe. milky way. earth.
starfleet officer. red shirt.
android. male.
Jun 09

Sue asked me to do some ref of my face….
might as well share them and die from shame.
(my skin is pretty fucked, sorry.)
(also yeh, i can’t keep my head straight i have heavy neck (cervical vertebrae) issues, sorry sorry.)
[High Res (1kx1k) Here]

(oh the shame, the shame, the things i do for you Sue, damn you.)

  1. sodii said: ahhh youre such a lovely boy nate<3
  2. captain-benny-of-the-ss-destiel said: SHUT UP YOU ARE NOT UGLY YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL I’M NOT LISTENING LA LA LA LA LA LA
  3. tsuffle said: your bone structure <3
  4. quietrobot said: your teeth are cute can i just love them forever, signed: sweet cavity
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